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"Qui a planté un arbre n'a pas vécu inutilement."
Proverbe africain


In Benin, we participate in several areas of intervention.

First, the fight against desertification is an issue we have felt strongly about ever since the beginning of our activities in West Africa.

In Benin we contributed to slowing down desertification by planting trees. Mixed groups of Belgian and Beninese students plant fruit trees in various schools in order to raise awareness among the pupils in schools and the population of the villages/town.


The second action consists in supporting our partners in their fight against food insecurity. An important part of the money collected by the students will be devoted to a village development projects so the population is able to diversify their farming activities and therefore ensure a better production in terms of quantity, quality and also variety.


Lastly, we also do renovation work on schools and nursery schools. 



RAJES is a network of associations of young people undertaking to build a better future. They organize awareness raising activities in the fields of health, school hygiene and protection of the environment.

CPN - Les Papillons
This NGO (Connaître et Protéger la Nature ‘’les Papillons’’) works towards a sustainable management of natural resources and the integral development of every human being. Their motto is: Act today for the generations that come tomorrow. Their dynamism and their ability to manage collective projects has given them international recognition.

Together with our partners, we organise the different projects as well as activities for intercultural exchange.

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