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What is ICHEC Housing Project?

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An experience of intercultural awareness


The focus of the project is on the students. We offer them the opportunity to meet other people, world citizens who are facing a reality that is both completely different and identical to theirs.

The objective is to embrace the experience and to discover the world from a perspective of a developing country with its richness and poverties.

Students returning from the project, will then rediscover their own universe

An experience of humility


Not only are our students confronted with an in intercultural exchange, but they participate also in a development project.
The best way to get to meet people from a southern country is to work
in order to improve their living conditions.


A team experience


The participants are experiencing the project not as an individual but as a team. The students are divided into small groups of approximately 10 people. They live together in a small village during one month.

Not only must they embark on this project with open mindedness towards the local community but also towards the members of their team.

A self-financed project


The main part of the budget is financed by the students themselves.

They have to demonstrate energy and creativity to collect the money necessary for
the project. Each participant needs to collect 1.700€ (1.200€ for travel and accommodation expenses and 500€ as a contribution to the development project).

1.000€ need to be collected as a team in order to support the development project financially. The total budget needs to be supplemented by grants and donations of individuals and organizations

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