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"On ne peut pas labourer, semer, récolter et manger le même jour."
Proverbe africain


Our participation is part of the fight against desertification and food insecurity (access to water).

During the year, part of the money collected by the students will be used to contribute to various projects such as boring wells, building reservoirs in villages, sanitary buildings, or developing market garden areas, etc.

In July, once they are on the ground, the participants together with their Burkinabe partners will plant trees. Planting trees helps to slow down desertification.


Certain years, we also we take part in one-off projects such as renovation work on schools or nursery schools in villages or building a "self-employment training and coaching centre" in Koudougou.

This project was launched in 2014 in order to encourage job creations and enhance income by giving training on agricultural and farming techniques but also by coaching  future entrepreneurs.


Since 2019, there is no Housing Project in Burkina Faso due to security issues.

We are currently looking for a new partner in order to launch a new project in Burkina Faso in the future.

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