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    Introduction to North-South relations 

    Laurent Lahaye

    This course’s objective is to make students aware of the human and organizational conditions that are essential for their project to be a success. More precisely, they are learning more about the context of their internship: understanding what is at stake in North-South relations and the way of perceiving “development”.

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    Research seminar

    Catherine Dal Fior, Laurent Lahaye, Vincent Huart, Line Didelot

    The general objective of this seminar is to lead students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills regarding a subject of research. Furthermore, they are enhancing their capacity to communicate on their findings.

    Students are divided into groups of 10-15 people.

    This division is made according to their choice of destination.

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    Follow-up seminar

    Vincent Huart

    The main objective is to prepare the students for the different dimensions of the project  (local projects, living together as a team, intercultural exchange…)

    Throughout the year, sessions will be organized to follow-up on the financial challenge for the students (collecting the necessary funds for the project in Indi, Burkina Faso or Benin)

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    One-month internship in the South

    in India, Burkina Faso, or Benin

    Participants are divided into small teams of around 10 people. Each team gets assigned a different village. They will spend three weeks together and take part in the building work organized by our local partners.

    After three weeks, they have one week to explore the country with their respective teams and get to know more about its culture and its people.

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